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About Us

Miller Meats was founded by Darrell Miller in 1976 as a meat processing company. The company has prospered over the years, even during recessionary times, and has maintained the same location near downtown Newport News, Virginia for over 25 years. Originally hired by Mr. Miller as a butcher in 1990, Nick Washington purchased the company in 2015 thus continuing the Miller Meats legacy and providing value for the community.

Today, Miller Meats is proud of its diversity as an African American-owned company and continues to operate in a hub-zone certified location. Nick is committed to creating new jobs in and around its hub-zone in Newport News and is well-known in the community for providing employment among individuals that might be otherwise considered unemployable. Nick’s primary focus is providing quality meats at affordable prices, especially for those with low or fixed incomes. Giving back to the community has, and continues to be, very important to the organization. The company is totally committed to community involvement and providing quality meat products that are affordable for every family. In addition, Miller Meats continues to exercise diversity in its purchasing options, and with a broad range of wholesale customers including Sysco, the largest food distributor in the country.

Through its meat distributors and purveyors, Miller Meats delivers affordable quality meat products to federal, state, county, and local institutions and the military. The company fulfills customer’s beef, pork, poultry, and seafood product requirements from Richmond to Chesapeake including Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach including northeastern North Carolina. Most of the employees have worked at the company for many years and we are proud to introduce you to our management team.

Meet Our Team


Nick Washington – Owner & President

Nick is an Air Force brat who was born in England and grew up in Hampton after his father was reassigned to Langley AFB. Nick is a graduate of Bethel High School and earned hisassociate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Thomas Nelson Community College. Nick quickly found his unique niche as a butcher with Miller Meats and remained with the company for 25 years. Hard-working and motivated to provide a legacy for his children, Nick acquired 100% ownership in the business when Mr. Miller retired. Nick is a devout Christian, a choir member, and Deacon in his church. He supports many community, civic, and athletic organizations through personal involvement and product donations. He is married with three children, two of which are active in the business. One of his favorite pastimes is, of course, grilling meats on the barbecue.


Antinija Coleman – Chief of Operations

Antinija is Nick’s oldest daughter and serves in the capacity of handling retail sales, human resources, bookkeeping, and marketing for the company. Antinija grew up in Hampton and graduated from Hampton High School. In addition, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University in Communicative Disorders and Sciences. Having recently joined the Miller Meats management team, Antinija brings a wealth of people-oriented experiences from her prior responsibilities in behavioral management, speech pathology, crisis stabilization, clinical support, and mental health. As a people person, she brings a strong work-ethic to the company and is focused on improving processes and customer satisfaction. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, church activities, travel, and social networking.


Bob Foster – Production Manager

Bob’s current role with Miller Meats involves the oversight of the processing plant and
facilities management. Having been with the company for over 21 years, Bob is responsible for keeping all the machinery and equipment in top notch shape and ensuring compliance with USDA and food inspection standards. Born in Newport News, Bob is a graduate of Ferguson High School and enjoys fishing and riding his Harley Sportster in his spare time. Bob and his wife Betty are proud of their family of dogs, all with meat-related names like T-Bone, Angus, and Pork Chop.


Tim Whitbeck – Plant Supervisor

Having graduated from Denbigh High School in Newport News, Tim was an Army brat as his dad served in the US Army ending up in Ft. Eustis. Tim’s father was also a long-time employee with Miller Meats and actually encouraged Tim to join the company in 1979. Having started as a truck driver and meat cutter, Tim worked his way up to a night manager position and assumed his current role when Nick acquired the company. Tim ensures the processing plant is inspection-ready at all times, is detail-oriented, hard-working, and dependable and prides himself on ensuring customer orders are processed in a timely manner with optimal quality. He is married and enjoys bowling, fishing, camping, and watching sports on television, especially football, boxing, and wrestling.


Sam Hayes – Business Development Manager

Sam currently handles business development for the company. In addition, he is actively involved in developing relationships with other small, women, and minority-owned businesses that can augment the sales efforts of Miller Meats. Sam earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, and an Applied Science Degree in Civil Engineering Technology. He is also a Licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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